Our monthly series — Fresh Tech — a collection of fun things on the web that sparked our interest with their fresh takes on tech.

This month, we are gearing up for Fall, after some refreshing time off. We’re ready to try fresh approaches as we ease back into work. Pour a glass of something cool and read on…

Monthly Theme

Recharge and refocus this August…

Tech Trends

“While the Bay Area exodus amid the pandemic has largely been overblown, the San Francisco exodus has not, as many residents fled the city amid the pandemic in search of backyards and “Zoom rooms.” But some that have made a life in the city since the tech boom are using this same time to commit to the city they’ve come to call home, finally buying homes or getting more involved in efforts to make the city a better place.”

Listen to some less often heard people central to San Francisco’s tech industry in this insightful article: ‘Tech is not the problem itself’: What tech workers feel is really to blame for SF’s tech woes


Maybe your website is similar to how LimeTech’s was at the beginning of this year — in need of  refreshing and refocusing. Before you dive into hiring a designer and development team, check out this detailed infographic. It will help you understand what people actually SEE on your site. 

Work Life

How you share feedback with your employees or contractors can make or break the relationship. In this article, author Justin Bariso unlocks the secrets of giving feedback in an emotionally intelligent way. 

Ready for a little “Back to School”? Listen to the podcast & fill out the worksheet: How to Create a Team Agreement for Your Remote Team. You’ll receive some (virtual) gold stars from your remote team.

Screen-Free Saturdays

New Book: The Culture Map — “Based on her work at INSEAD, the “Business School for the World” based in Paris, Erin Meyer provides a field-tested model for decoding how cultural differences impact international business. She combines a smart analytical framework with practical, actionable advice for working in a global world.”

Read a review of The Culture Map. And learn more on author Erin Meyer’s website.

Did you write letters in the pre-email era? I sure did! I still have dozens of hand-written correspondence in my personal life archive. But I didn’t know about the ingenious ways people in medieval times used paper folding techniques to lock their pages away from prying eyes. Anyone else want to try some of these, just for fun?

Want more? Catch up on last month’s Fresh Tech article.

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YaMabrook launch announcement

YaMabrook launch announcement

Today we announce the official launch of the YaMabrook mobile app, and share some of the work we did in the early stages of the product development process.

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Everything is agile [updated]

Everything is agile [updated]

Back in the 90s, software development was a laborious, time-consuming process, and products could easily take three or more years to build. This time-lag meant that the entire landscape could shift before a product reached the market. 

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Nice to meet you, color! Color terminology explained. [updated]

Nice to meet you, color! Color terminology explained. [updated]

Building on our article “Hello, Color!”, we cover some common color terminology. This helps you have conversations with designers when you’re creating the look and feel of your app. Here we go with “color terminology explained”!

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