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Remote Work Series: Laptop Provisioning, Management, and Safety

In the midst of a hard pivot to a remote work model, it's easy to become lax in the management of company devices--especially laptop provisioning. In fact, whether you're shipping out laptops to a slew of new hires or you're converting to a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model, your IT team is bound to have their hands full. While COVID-19 has made…

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The 4 Mythic Characters of IT

The 4 Mythic Characters of IT Company owners often view IT through the lens of headache cure or damage control. And yes, when you’re dealing with the pain of unstable systems built on outdated equipment, all you want is relief. But when you only look to your IT team for palliative care, you may miss the opportunity to tap some…

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Who Should Hire an IT Consulting Firm?

For today's blog, we wanted to take a moment to discuss the question of whether or not you should hire an IT consulting firm. Working with an outside IT provider is not a good fit for everyone. We'll be describing the kinds of scenarios where this does or does not make sense. First, who should not hire an IT consulting…

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Smart Methods for Password Creation

We all know it can be challenging to come up with secure passwords that will protect your data from online crooks. The crooks are, in fact, becoming more and more savvy with each passing year. For the best protection, you should choose secure passwords that comply with high standards of protection. Here are a few recommended methods that can help…

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Watch Out for SEO Scams

Beware the SEO Scam Artists! If you run a small business like we do, you probably receive countless emails pushing SEO services. Many will make rash promises like "Rank Number 1 on Google!" or "Achieve 1st Place Ranking!" If you're not familiar with these claims, you may be tempted to contact these companies and hire them to assist you. While…

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For Entrepreneurs: Contact Management and CRMs

If sales is the lifeblood of any business, then your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system would have to be the blood bank. Without a centralized place to keep track of your conversations with prospective customers, it is nearly impossible to stay on top of leads. For some entrepreneurs, though, a CRM system can be overkill. Sometimes a basic way of…

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San Francisco Small Business Resources

A Hidden Gem: San Francisco's Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center If you own your own business in the Bay Area or you're thinking of launching a small business, you may be surprised at just how many resources are available specifically to help you succeed. One of the hidden gems in San Francisco is the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center in San Francisco, which is a…

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Ten Online Tools To Help Your Business Be More Productive

Save Time And Be More Productive With These Ten Online Tools It seems like there are a bazillion applications vying for your subscription these days. It can be hard to determine what's worth investing your time and attention in. Below are ten online applications that can help your business be more productive. All of these tools have been around long…

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LimeTech Yelp Reviews

Our Positive Yelp Reviews Were Filtered We recently revisited our business page on the website and were surprised to see that our positive reviews were "filtered." In other words, they are hidden and not immediately visible to prospective customers. This prompted us to do a little detective work and attempt to learn more about Yelp's criteria  for featuring vs.…

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What is the Cloud?

What is the Cloud? Many small business owners are confused by the concept of cloud computing. We often get questions such as, “Where is my data when it is in the cloud?” or more commonly, “What is this cloud computing thing and why should I care?” Well, whether or not this technology is your game, it is worth understanding. The…

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