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Planning a website for your business? Here are 5 important things to consider.

Get started on planning a website for your business Embarking on a new website design project? Congratulations! You’re taking a step toward one of the most important improvements you can do for your business. Whether you’re building your own website or hiring a web design company to do your project, it helps to do a little planning beforehand. Here are…

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How to save money on mobile app development

How to save money on mobile app development If you've been thinking of hiring a company to build a mobile application, you may be concerned about the potential for high costs and drawn-out timelines. These are valid concerns, as the cost and process for developing your mobile app can vary from one place to the next.  Many agencies also set…

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How does a cloud migration work?

How does a cloud migration work? You've heard the phrase "cloud migration" before, but what does it mean and how does it work? Essentially, a migration to the cloud involves safely moving your data from your company's internal servers to the cloud. The cloud consists of a vast network of servers located in highly secure data centers around the world.…

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provisioning laptops, computers and devices

Remote work series: laptop provisioning, management, and safety

In the midst of a hard pivot to a remote work model, it's easy to become lax in the management of company devices--especially laptop provisioning management. In fact, whether you're shipping out laptops to a slew of new hires or you're converting to a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model, your IT team is bound to have their hands full. While COVID-19 has…

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Honing Your Focus in an Age of Attention Deficits

Honing your focus in an age of constant contact (and constant interruption) is challenging business. Gloria Mark, a Professor in the Department of Informatics at UC Irvine has found that the average worker switches activities (due to external distractions or self-interruption) every three minutes. Even more concerning, she found that it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds for…

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Attention Writers: Upcoming Social Media Management Class

Writer or Artist? Confused by Social Media? You've heard the success stories of new entrepreneurs building a massive following on social media. In fact, the potential for one person to reach many has never been greater. And yet, you don't know where to begin when it comes to managing your message and interacting with potential customers across multiple channels. Blog? Tweet?…

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East Bay Coworking: The Latest

East Bay Coworking These days there are many options for coworking in the East Bay, and a lot of them are new. Some of the more unique locations are mixing flexible workspace with rooms for creativity. Others are positioning themselves as community centers for workshops and events. Whatever the case, if you've grown out of your home office and the…

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50+ of the Best Tech Websites

A Collection of Some of the Best Tech Websites Writing a blog about tech? Trying to get the dish on the latest SF startups? Don't waste time hunting around the web, when we've already done the research for you. Here are 50+ of the best tech websites with all the info you need. Bookmark this page, so you don't have…

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