Say goodbye to your old phone system

A VoIP phone system is flexible, affordable, and has more features than your traditional business phone setup.

VoIP is the new norm

More and more companies are converting their phone systems to cloud-based Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). They know that a VoIP phone system can offer better functionality than a traditional phone system.

The right choice for remote businesses

If you’re taking your company remote, a VoIP phone system is the smart choice. Your team can make and forward calls from their home or on the go — simulating, and even superseding the capabilities of an in-house phone system.

Mobile and adaptable

When you convert to VoIP you can make and receive calls anywhere. In effect, your phone system can travel with you, anywhere you go. Here are some advantages:

  • Work easily from any remote location
  • Route calls to your employees easily
  • Change call routes at your convenience
  • Simulate the call systems of a larger company (if you wish)


Since your phone is not tied to any location, you can choose any available area code for your phone number. You even have the option to pick phone numbers and area codes specific to every region your company serves, so your customers always perceive you as local.

Reduce your overhead

Ready to cut your costs 60-80%? One of the biggest advantages of VoIP is that you can reduce or eliminate phone lines that you’d normally be paying your phone carrier for on a per-line basis. What’s not to love about saving money?

digital flow

The speed you need

You can get started immediately. Don’t wait for a busy telecom provider to send you into voicemail limbo. When you work with LimeTech, you can set up your account online and your phones will arrive preconfigured and ready to ring.

Did you know?

Gone are the days when VoIP phone systems had inferior sound quality to a landline. Today, the sound quality is indistinguishable, making it the right choice for any distinguishing user.

The best choice

Our preferred vendor for VoIP phone systems is RingCentral. RingCentral is the VOiP service provider-of-choice for over 40,000 companies. Learn more about why RingCentral is widely loved.

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