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Mega-List of Bay Area Startup Resources

Mega-List of Bay Area Startup Whether you’re still hatching your idea or you’re a seasoned veteran of the startup scene, here are 50+ Bay Area startup resources to help you launch and grow your dream business. San Francisco Office and Coworking Spaces If you’re not ready to sign a lease for your own location, you could head over to a…

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Who Should Hire an IT Consulting Firm?

For today's blog, we wanted to take a moment to discuss the question of whether or not you should hire an IT consulting firm. Working with an outside IT provider is not a good fit for everyone. We'll be describing the kinds of scenarios where this does or does not make sense. First, who should not hire an IT consulting…

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50+ of the Best Tech Websites

A Collection of Some of the Best Tech Websites Writing a blog about tech? Trying to get the dish on the latest SF startups? Don't waste time hunting around the web, when we've already done the research for you. Here are 50+ of the best tech websites with all the info you need. Bookmark this page, so you don't have…

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What Do We Love?

As 2013 quickly draws to a close, it's a great moment for us to take stock of all we have to be grateful for. So, here's our list of bigs and littles...          Giving thanks for where we work and play. You know as well as we do that the San Francisco Bay Area is something extraordinary.…

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For Entrepreneurs: Contact Management and CRMs

If sales is the lifeblood of any business, then your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system would have to be the blood bank. Without a centralized place to keep track of your conversations with prospective customers, it is nearly impossible to stay on top of leads. For some entrepreneurs, though, a CRM system can be overkill. Sometimes a basic way of…

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Techie Perks in SF

There are always a thousand reasons to appreciate why we live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here are just a few of the latest. Living Innovation Zones--High Tech Playgrounds for All The SF Mayor's Office has rolled out a new program that introduces "innovation spaces" throughout the city. These environments showcase creative and high-tech interactive art and are now…

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San Francisco Small Business Resources

A Hidden Gem: San Francisco's Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center If you own your own business in the Bay Area or you're thinking of launching a small business, you may be surprised at just how many resources are available specifically to help you succeed. One of the hidden gems in San Francisco is the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center in San Francisco, which is a…

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Great Startup Checklists

A Bag O' Great Startup Checklists Time to get your startup on! Here's a curated group of checklists for startup founders. You can never be too rich or too thin (or have too many resources at your fingertips). Now, to work on that rich part... First, a checklist of practical advice for early-stage startups, from Mashable. This list includes items…

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Thoughts on Persistence

We’ve all been inspired this week by the story of Diana Nyad’s successful swim from Cuba to Florida. Not only was this an extraordinary achievement in terms of distance covered—110 miles in 53 hours, but she swam without the protection of a shark cage. Oh, and by the way, this was Nyad's fifth attempt. At 64 years old, she’s achieved…

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San Francisco Ranks #1 in Female Entrepreneurship

This great infographic has been making the rounds this month. For those of us active in the San Francisco business scene, it may come as little surprise that San Francisco ranks #1 in female entrepreneurship. Note the significantly higher per capita income compared to other cities, though the picture would be a little less rosy were they to also factor…

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