Error When Sharing Outlook Calendar

unexpected error message

Error When Sharing Outlook Calendar

Some of our clients have reported a permissions error message when adding a shared calendar in Outlook 2011. When attempting to add the shared calendar, they receive the following message: “Outlook cannot open the folder. You do not have permission to open this folder. Contact <Calendar owner’s name> for permission.”

Outlook Calendar Error

The fix for this is as follows:

If the calendar owner is running Outlook 2016, click on the calendar tab on the bottom and click on “Calendar Permissions” near the top/center of the page. Then, click on the “Permissions” tab. Here is where you can add the people with whom you want to share your calendar.

After adding the person’s e-mail you will choose “Permission Level” with a drop down list. You can change the level of access to your calendar using these selections.

*Important*: The lowest permission needed in order for shared calendars to work is “Reviewer.” Anything selected under “Reviewer” in the drop down list will give you the error message shown above.

Outlook Calendar Permissions