Coming soon: the YaMabrook mobile app

Announcing the coming release of YaMabrook

Updated in Sept., 2022: YaMabrook is now available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store! Download the app and give it a whirl. We’d love to know what you think.

YaMabrook is a brand new mobile app for iOS and Android – built by LimeTech and our sister company, 24Online. The beta launch is planned for August, 2022, with the official launch soon to follow. In development for the past several months, this app is the result of much time and energy on the part of both of our teams.

YaMabrook is an app for wish lists and social gifting. It’s designed for people celebrating a special occasion, and provides a way for them to find, sort, save, share, and chat about gift ideas with their friends and families. Friends, in turn, can like, chat about, and reserve gifts, and collaborate on the gift buying experience. The app also suggests gift ideas based on categories and brands selected by the user.

A social giving experience

YaMabrook makes the gifting experience more interactive and fun, while reducing stress around the gift buying process. It also helps avoid duplicate or unnecessary gifts. As with a gift registry, the app helps people create lists of gift ideas. But better than a registry for a single store or site, it’s interactive and allows friends and family to reserve gifts in collaboration with others. 

While there are many apps on the market for creating gift lists, the focus of this app is social, making the process of giving and getting gifts a more  interactive one. This gives depth and fun to the experience of giving and receiving gifts.

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YaMabrook: designed for the Middle Eastern customer

The YaMabrook app is designed for people in and from the Middle East. The app has several features that are relevant to the region, such as robust and nuanced privacy controls, gendered gift suggestions, and (later) multilingual content. We’re conducting ongoing user research to identify the best features to please and delight our target Middle Eastern customer.

The name YaMabrook

The name YaMabrook comes from the common Arabic expression, “Ya mabrook!” – meaning “Congratulations!” This expression is used around many big occasions. You’re getting married? Ya mabrook! You aced your final exams? Ya mabrook! 

Also spelled as “ya mabrouk,” the word comes from the word “mubarak,” meaning blessed. You may have heard the term “Eid mubarak” – a common term used during the Islamic Eid holiday. That phrase essentially means “a blessed Eid to you!”.

Gift culture in the Middle East

Gift giving has a rich and nuanced tradition in the Middle East. It builds and supports relationships, and strengthens bonds between family members and friends. At the front of every gift exchange is the importance of the relationship between giver and giftee.

A great deal of thought and consideration is often invested in finding the perfect gift for special occasions. The YaMabrook app supports and builds off this cultural tradition, bringing joy and delight to the experience.

More news coming soon

Given that the Middle East has some of the highest mobile phone penetration rates in the world, with a large sector of early adopters and technology enthusiasts, we have high hopes for the success of this new application.

Keep watching this space for an announcement of the official release date, plus ongoing updates. We’re eager to get feedback from early users, and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to onboard beta testers!

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YaMabrook launch announcement

YaMabrook launch announcement

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