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Website Hosting and Security in the Age of COVID-19

More than ever, your website is one of your company’s most valuable assets. As business moves increasingly online, you should be taking active measures to protect the integrity of your web presence. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you analyze your website hosting and security in the age of COVID-19. Is your website secure, updated, and supported by…

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Error When Sharing Outlook Calendar

Error When Sharing Outlook Calendar Some of our clients have reported a permissions error message when adding a shared calendar in Outlook 2011. When attempting to add the shared calendar, they receive the following message: “Outlook cannot open the folder. You do not have permission to open this folder. Contact <Calendar owner’s name> for permission.” The fix for this is as follows:…

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A Little Obedience is in Order

Servers Giving You Some Attitude? We're kind people, but we know that sometimes a dirty job requires a tough hand. No reason to let those servers ruin your day. Give us a call and we can help put your tech infrastructure in order... 800-344-9018 LimeTech Solutions provides IT consulting services and technical support to startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in…

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When Your Phone System Fails

Client Case Study: Total Phone System Failure Nobody likes a crisis, but when one happens, the best outcome is a quick and effective resolution. Since we've been involved in the San Francisco Bay Area IT sector for over a decade, we've seen our share of crises. Along the way we've learned that when the alarms start ringing, you jump into…

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IT for Startups

What Are The Unique IT Needs Of Startup Companies? We've had great working relationships with a number of startup companies, and we're often asked by prospective clients what's unique about IT for startups. Here are some of our thoughts on this: Scalable Business Model Startups have business models that require them to ramp up or down in response to rapid…

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Protect Yourself From the Mac Flashback Trojan

For all those who prefer Mac computers solely because they don't get viruses, the jig may be up. A piece of malware called the Flashback trojan has reportedly now infected up to 600,000 Macs across the globe. As reported on Gizmodo and CNET, there are a variety of ways to determine whether your Mac has the Flashback trojan, and to…

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Computer How-To Articles: Improving Your Computer’s Performance

How to Improve Your Computer's Performance Every so often, we like to take on a mini research project just for you. Today we'll be giving you a list of how-to articles and videos that will explain how to improve your computer's performance. Whether you're a Mac or a PC, there should be something here for you. If you don't find…

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What Do We Actually Do?

Technology Support for Bay Area Businesses Having been in the IT industry for a while, we're pretty accustomed to getting "the look" when we tell non-techies what we do. You know what we mean.  It can range from a quizzical squint of the eyes, to a complete glazing over, to a wild casting about for something else (anything else!) to…

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How to Add RAM to Your PC

Every so often we write a simple how-to article to help those of you folks interested in DIY computing. If you're a techie this is obviously old hat, but for others it might be valuable instruction. Today's task is to add RAM to your PC. Upon successful completion of these steps, your computer will have more memory, which should improve…

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Up Close and Personal: LimeTech Alameda

LimeTech Headquarters We thought we'd take a moment to share some photos from around our LimeTech main office in Alameda. While some folks may consider us their virtual IT department, we are by no means just a virtual company. We drink real coffee, sit in actual office chairs, and even hang out at a water cooler. Keep watching this blog…

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