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Assess Your IT Systems After Going Remote

In the brave new world of COVID-19, remote work is the new norm. For many companies, the transition to remote work has involved a fast, hard pivot...often a painful one. The abrupt nature of this transition means that you may have not had time to prioritize the safe management of your information. Meanwhile, the word is out that many companies…

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Who Should Hire an IT Consulting Firm?

For today's blog, we wanted to take a moment to discuss the question of whether or not you should hire an IT consulting firm. Working with an outside IT provider is not a good fit for everyone. We'll be describing the kinds of scenarios where this does or does not make sense. First, who should not hire an IT consulting…

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How to Encrypt Your Mac With FileVault

What is FileVault? FileVault is a data encryption software that is included in all Apple computers (OS X 10.7 or higher). When FileVault is enabled, all the data on the computer is locked until a password is entered, meaning all data is safe from unauthorized users. Why Use FileVault? Enabling FileVault is a good protective measure to have in place,…

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Error When Sharing Outlook Calendar

Error When Sharing Outlook Calendar Some of our clients have reported a permissions error message when adding a shared calendar in Outlook 2011. When attempting to add the shared calendar, they receive the following message: “Outlook cannot open the folder. You do not have permission to open this folder. Contact <Calendar owner’s name> for permission.” The fix for this is as follows:…

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Protect Yourself From Heartbleed

Protect Yourself From Heartbleed You've probably seen some of the security alerts regarding the Heartbleed Bug. This security vulnerability involves the widely used encryption software known as OpenSSL. OpenSSL is used to encrypt communications on the web, with the purpose of protecting you and your loved ones from hackers and the like. This massive security issue has been estimated to…

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A Little Obedience is in Order

Servers Giving You Some Attitude? We're kind people, but we know that sometimes a dirty job requires a tough hand. No reason to let those servers ruin your day. Give us a call and we can help put your tech infrastructure in order... 800-344-9018 LimeTech Solutions provides IT consulting services and technical support to startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in…

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Smart Methods for Password Creation

We all know it can be challenging to come up with secure passwords that will protect your data from online crooks. The crooks are, in fact, becoming more and more savvy with each passing year. For the best protection, you should choose secure passwords that comply with high standards of protection. Here are a few recommended methods that can help…

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Watch Out for SEO Scams

Beware the SEO Scam Artists! If you run a small business like we do, you probably receive countless emails pushing SEO services. Many will make rash promises like "Rank Number 1 on Google!" or "Achieve 1st Place Ranking!" If you're not familiar with these claims, you may be tempted to contact these companies and hire them to assist you. While…

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When Your Phone System Fails

Client Case Study: Total Phone System Failure Nobody likes a crisis, but when one happens, the best outcome is a quick and effective resolution. Since we've been involved in the San Francisco Bay Area IT sector for over a decade, we've seen our share of crises. Along the way we've learned that when the alarms start ringing, you jump into…

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Cloud Storage Price War Brings Discounts

As reported today in TechCrunch, Amazon and Google seem to be locked into a cloud storage price war. As is the case with such battles, cloud customers stand to win. Today, Google announced it's latest cut, bringing Cloud Storage Pricing to a total markdown of 30%. As the TechCrunch article states: Today, in a somewhat surprising move, Google announced that it…

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