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How cloud computing can help your staff succeed at working remotely

With COVID-19, a sudden transition The fast conversion to remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic has been a bumpy road for all. Some companies have weathered the transition better than others, often because they had already moved their data to the cloud. Others have been playing massive catch up, as they struggle to migrate legacy systems to the cloud.…

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Green information technology solutions for a better future

Green IT, improve IT, sustain IT Implement green information technology solutions and save on energy consumption, resource allocation, and financial expenditures. Consider moving to the cloud to free up internal resources, and implement a longterm remote work plan to reduce commutes and keep the air clean. Using innovative consolidation techniques, cloud computing platforms, and intelligent energy management solutions, LimeTech can…

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10 advantages of cloud computing in 2020

The cloud is the message The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened theneed for companies to adopt digital businessmodels—and only cloud platforms can provide theagility, scalability, and innovation required for thistransition.From The Recovery Will be Digital McKinsey and Company The fast pivot to remote work has motivated company leaders to rapidly embrace cloud computing. Cloud platforms and cloud data storage solutions deliver…

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Cloud computing: key to business resilience in tough times

With COVID-19, fast pivots are the norm The coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses into an unanticipated pivot to remote work and telecommuting. Companies of all sizes now face massive pressures to be more adaptable, flexible, and innovative. Meanwhile, pinched by an economy thrown into massive recession, businesses have been forced to seek new markets or rapidly downsize. The rules of…

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9 Surprising Ways Converting to Remote Work May Benefit Your Company in the Long Run

COVID-19 has demanded hard, fast change from business owners and workers alike. After facing the pain of suddenly converting to remote work, you might also discover some surprising advantages. Here are just a few ways working remotely may benefit your company and your team over time: Reduced commutes = time saved and a generally happier team.Less absenteeism. With fewer impediments…

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Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan in the Age of COVID-19

While it may seem like working through a pandemic is your worst-case scenario, you should still take time to cover all the bases. With your location quiet and your team disbursed, you may be more vulnerable than ever to emergency situations. Take time to shore up your IT Disaster Recovery Plan to protect your business from other disasters such as…

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Who Should Hire an IT Consulting Firm?

For today's blog, we wanted to take a moment to discuss the question of whether or not you should hire an IT consulting firm. Working with an outside IT provider is not a good fit for everyone. We'll be describing the kinds of scenarios where this does or does not make sense. First, who should not hire an IT consulting…

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Adobe Creative Cloud Promotion

Adobe Photoshop is offering a limited-time Adobe Creative Cloud promotion. Until December 2, you can subscribe to Photoshop Photography CC for just $9.99 per month, though you do have to sign up for a year of service. In the past you had to own Photoshop already, in order to qualify for the Photoshop Photography app, but Adobe has removed that…

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For Entrepreneurs: Contact Management and CRMs

If sales is the lifeblood of any business, then your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system would have to be the blood bank. Without a centralized place to keep track of your conversations with prospective customers, it is nearly impossible to stay on top of leads. For some entrepreneurs, though, a CRM system can be overkill. Sometimes a basic way of…

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Ten Online Tools To Help Your Business Be More Productive

Save Time And Be More Productive With These Ten Online Tools It seems like there are a bazillion applications vying for your subscription these days. It can be hard to determine what's worth investing your time and attention in. Below are ten online applications that can help your business be more productive. All of these tools have been around long…

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