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Implement green information technology solutions and save on energy consumption, resource allocation, and financial expenditures. Consider moving to the cloud to free up internal resources, and implement a longterm remote work plan to reduce commutes and keep the air clean.

Using innovative consolidation techniques, cloud computing platforms, and intelligent energy management solutions, LimeTech can help you optimize your IT infrastructure, lowering your power bills and improving the efficiency of your existing server technology.

Energy efficiency

As energy costs rise, companies are increasingly looking to improve the energy efficiency of their systems, particularly in the server room. LimeTech can conduct an evaluation of your energy consumption and implement power management strategies and dynamic cooling controls, to balance the power usage and temperature regulation of racks and data centers.


One of the most exciting services we offer is the increasingly popular option of virtualization, which involves the abstracting of computer resources, and can enable a company to consolidate and reduce the elements of a system or network. 

Virtualization integrates under-utilized resources in your existing servers, allowing a single server to function as multiple servers. This technique can enable management to increase the quantity of production and testing servers, without purchasing additional machines or hardware. Ultimately, this process saves space, reduces energy use, and regulates a company’s bottom line.

Cloud data storage

If improving your server room and virtualization aren’t getting you the results you’re looking for, you should consider migrating your data to the cloud. With cloud computing, you utilize only the exact amount of storage space you need, thereby consolidating usage and reducing your reliance on internal resources.

Migrating to the cloud enables you to reduce or eliminate localized servers, helping you to reduce your power usage and lower your equipment costs over time. While the data centers where cloud-based data is stored are not always low-carbon, efforts are afoot to change this in the not-so-distant future.

Converting to remote

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed many companies into a remote work model, thereby massively reducing the number of cars on the road. Indeed, research has shown that during the pandemic, carbon emissions have plummeted, though this change is not expected to be sustainable. That said, many CEOs have indicated they will keep some percentage of their staff working remotely.

In order for remote work to become an effective alternative to office-based work, it must be efficient, productive, and satisfying. That has not been the case for every business (or worker) who has been forced to pivot to telecommuting on short notice. However, by utilizing an array of cloud-based solutions and platforms such as cloud data storage, automated backup, group communications, CRM systems, and VOIP phone systems, companies can better simulate the localized office experience.

Setting the pace with our own green business practices

LimeTech is also dedicated to setting an example by implementing earth-friendly policies into our own business practices. We encourage our team to work from home or take public transportation whenever possible. In keeping with our efforts to reduce the number of automobiles on the road, we can resolve many IT problems using remote access technology, allowing us work through an online connection, rather than an on-site visit. Finally, we encourage our customers to recycle their e-waste, and we can deliver your used equipment to EPA-regulated drop-off locations, thereby keeping dangerous toxins out of our landfills.

If you’d like to explore some green information technology solutions for your business, we’re ready to help. Many options can improve efficiency and save money at the same time.


LimeTech is a creative tech company with a focus on innovation and adaptive change. We use technical know-how, design skills, and deep experience in entrepreneurship to help companies advance their business goals. Do you need IT planning, mobile app development, web design, or remote work solutions that will take your business to the next level? Get in touch today and find out what we can do for you.

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