How to save money on mobile app development

How to save money on mobile app development

If you’ve been thinking of hiring a company to build a mobile application, you may be concerned about the potential for high costs and drawn-out timelines.

These are valid concerns, as the cost and process for developing your mobile app can vary from one place to the next

Many agencies also set a strict minimum price for the cost of a mobile app development project, and that minimum can range from 30K to 50K.

Such numbers can be prohibitively expensive, when the goal is to create a “nuts and bolts” version of your product, validate some of your assumptions, and attract early users. 

If you are in that boat, you may be wondering whether your project is feasible, given the going rate for product development.

Build, test, launch: MVP to the rescue

At LimeTech, one of our strengths is building, testing, and launching a simple, working version of your product as quickly as possible. 

This basic version is commonly known as a minimum viable product, or MVP, and it may be more affordable than you think.

Starting with an MVP can reduce both the cost and the risk associated with the development of your mobile application. It also avoids long timelines and unnecessary development costs–either of which can jeopardize your project before it becomes a reality.

An MVP helps you clarify the way forward, with real data collected about real users, versus haphazard guesswork. An MVP done right can, in fact, set you up for real success.

Get started with a ballpark quote

If you have an idea for a mobile app, but don’t have a big budget, we definitely recommend starting with an MVP. This is the surest way to save money on mobile app development.

We’re happy to give you a ballpark quote for your MVP project —  get in touch today.

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