Great Startup Checklists

A Bag O’ Great Startup Checklists

Time to get your startup on! Here’s a curated group of checklists for startup founders. You can never be too rich or too thin (or have too many resources at your fingertips). Now, to work on that rich part…

First, a checklist of practical advice for early-stage startups, from Mashable.

This list includes items to cover on or before launch day (geared specifically for tech startups).

Another broad checklist for startups. Includes some links to helpful tools and applications which will improve your productivity.

In a word, optimize, optimize, optimize. Here’s an SEO checklist for startup websites, courtesy of Search Engine Land.

Stay on-point in the legal department. This legal checklist for startups will help keep you out of hot water.

Not a checklist, but a great collection of articles on how to get your new business launched.

You might like to also check out our article on what’s unique about IT for startups.

Finally, check out our megalist of resources, specifically geared toward Bay Area startups. It has waaaay more information than any one person could need, but on the off chance we’re missing something, please let us know! LimeTech’s Megalist of Startup Resources

Not to go “all meta” on you, but this often-quoted article in the New Yorker hails the benefits of the checklist from a medical standpoint, based on the author’s experiences in intensive care units.

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