Find Out What’s Slowing Down Your Mac

You’re Wondering Why Your Mac is Slow?

If your Mac has been acting lethargic lately and you’re tired of watching little spinning beach balls, you might have maxed out your computer’s storage space. Don’t slap your monitor! There are other solutions, and hope is in sight…

While you’re always welcome to call us for tech support, you might also try taking things into your own hands. Try running a scan on your computer with Disk Inventory X, a simple, free program for Mac OSX users. Disk Inventory X is available for download from CNet or the Disk Inventory X website.

Disk Inventory X will analyze your disk space and generate an attractive visualization and an organized list of the various items using up storage capacity in your Mac. Click on individual cells within the visualization and get detailed information about each file or application. Then, once you identify the space hogs, you can go ahead and remove or uninstall the culprits.

We’ve tested this program and found it an easy tool to help you discover why your Mac is running slow. Keep in mind that the initial scan may take several minutes, so be patient. We’ve included a screenshot below, from our own scan.

Disk Inventory X

If you’d like step-by-step instructions on how to download and run this program, check out the CNET how-to article, Find Out What’s Taking Space on Your Mac Hard Drive.

Let us know how this process works for you. Hopefully this will help you discover why your Mac is running slow. Happy scanning!

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