FRESH TECH: February 2022

Welcome to our monthly series — Fresh Tech — a collection of fun things on the web that sparked our interest with their fresh takes on tech. 

Monthly theme: Fresh design and tips to thrive in the New Year! We kick off this new year with creative design by and for women, strategies for how to get to sleep earlier, and tips on how to set an example in your workplace by truly unplugging.


man with headphones at a laptop laughing

Have you heard about the new news media company focused on the Black perspective? Fast Company magazine profiled the design concept of the new site which combines classic design elements of the past with current sensibilities. 

“In the case of Capital B, diverse messaging and a multifaceted brand identity are a key part of the offering. “There is such range and dimensions to the diaspora, we made sure that the imagery we were using, and the color palette, were reflective of that range,” Dallis says. “So we weren’t contributing to a narrow stereotype of what Black people look like, respond to, and the energy we bring forward.”

Multidisciplinary designer Fay Toogood, of Toogood, discusses how she approached her collaboration with Birkenstock footwear brand. Any product designer can learn from her holistic and creative perspective.

I’m always looking for that magic that makes your product not only relevant, functional, or desirable, but something that people are drawn to.”

Faye Toogood

Tech for and by Women

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More and more people are seeking out alternatives to social media like Meta. Women in particular are looking for spaces created especially for their needs and desires. Enter Hello Revel! The new social network connects and celebrates women in midlife. Taking a little look around, the site is upfront about encompassing all the areas of women who lead complex, mature lives, with interests ranging from fashion to investing to health. We’re intrigued.

Diversity in entrepreneurship and venture capital funding in particular is still far behind the industry as a whole. Now, W Fund is fundamentally changing the landscape of opportunity for Women. This article discusses the imperatives for development of this area that is ready for massive expansion and growth:

While traditional financial institutions continue to underinvest in trailblazing leaders that come from diverse backgrounds, there are a growing number of new initiatives aimed at tackling this inequity. The W Fund, for example, is an investment firm focusing on fueling the startup ecosystem, aggregating capital, and deploying funds to women and startups that are driving the future of tech.”

Screen-Free Saturdays

Sleep problems affect 70% of Americans according to the America Sleep Apnea Association. The power-down hour is one effective habit you can develop to help you get to sleep earlier: find out more in this article from Wired Mag.

San Francisco Victorian home

Do you enjoy studying the architecture of your hometown or the places you visit? Find out about the story behind San Francisco’s iconic bay windows

How often do you truly unplug? Even more, do you support your employees and colleagues in unplugging regularly? If you’re not sure how to begin, this blog post by Trello has some great strategies, including normalizing asynchronous communication, flexible working hours, and setting up a knowledge base. 

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Coming soon: the YaMabrook mobile app

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Report back from Figma’s Config 2022 conference

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