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Fresh Tech — May 2021

Our monthly series -- Fresh Tech May -- a collection of fun things on the web that sparked our interest with their fresh takes on tech. This month, see how spaces for working and learning are being reimagined, get outside with a tech boost, and more.  Spring has Sprung! Be sure to set down your cool drink before you hop…

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Mega-list of Bay Area startup resources

Mega-list of Bay Area startup resources Newly edited in 2021: Whether you’re a newbie entrepreneur or a seasoned veteran of the startup scene, here are 40+ Bay Area startup resources to help you launch and grow your dream business. San Francisco office and coworking spaces If you’re not ready to sign a lease for your own location, you could head…

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East Bay Coworking: The Latest

East Bay Coworking These days there are many options for coworking in the East Bay, and a lot of them are new. Some of the more unique locations are mixing flexible workspace with rooms for creativity. Others are positioning themselves as community centers for workshops and events. Whatever the case, if you've grown out of your home office and the…

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What Do We Love?

Giving Thanks for The Good Things As 2013 quickly draws to a close, it's a great moment for us to take stock of all we have to be grateful for. So, here's our list of bigs and littles...  Giving thanks for where we work and play. The San Francisco Bay Area is something extraordinary. No other place in the country…

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San Francisco Small Business Resources

A Hidden Gem: San Francisco's Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center If you own your own business in the Bay Area or you're thinking of launching a small business, you may be surprised at just how many resources are available specifically to help you succeed. One of the hidden gems in San Francisco is the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center in San Francisco, which is a…

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The East Bay Startup Scene Heats Up

We're probably not the only entrepreneurs who have wondered why the East Bay isn't more of a hub for innovation--especially considering the proximity to UC Berkeley and the comparatively affordable cost of office space. Common knowledge seems to hold that while the Bay Area's startup scene is huge, the East Bay never quite caught on. That said, this month brings…

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Local Learning Opportunities

Upcoming Classes and Workshops for Small Biz Entrepreneurs Not getting out enough these days? Tired of stewing in your own juices? There's no excuse with so many great local workshops, events and classes coming up. Here are just a few that are on our radar screen. 1. We have always loved the vibe at SF co-working location NextSpace. One of…

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What Makes a Great Coworking Space?

  We're big fans of the whole coworking movement and enjoyed a recent visit to some of the more popular San Francisco coworking spaces. The coworking movement is growing fast. They even have their own unconference--set for March, 2011 in Austin, Texas. The philosophy behind this movement sounds pretty utopian: a global community dedicated to the values of collaboration, openness, community,…

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