Outsourcing Life’s Little Tasks

Got a pile of laundry and no time for washing? Looking for someone reliable to pick up your lunch? TaskRabbit.com is an online service that connects people who need to get stuff done with a huge community of pre-screened and vetted runners. People with tasks post their job online and the task runners compete by naming the price at which they can accomplish the task. This YouTube bit shows how easy the whole process can be:


In the vein of all great startups, TaskRabbit proposes a simple, easily graspable solution to common problems we face on a daily basis. And, it can help improve your efficiency and effectiveness, popular themes for all you followers of Tim Ferriss and The Four Hour Workweek.

Interestingly, Founder and CEO Leah Busque indicates in a May article in TechCrunch that there’s been an increase in requests for people to fulfill skills-based tasks, such as updating websites and such. One has to wonder how TaskRabbit might end up competing with known outsourcing sites like Odesk.com, Elance.com and Guru.com. For now, TaskRabbit remains unique, however, with it’s orientation toward traditional, on-the-ground errands. And, while more expensive, it’s a welcome relief to posting gigs in the relatively unreliable world of Craigslist.

Busque conceived of TaskRabbit one night when she and her husband found themselves wishing they could find someone to pick up some dog food for their pet.  The effort to solve this problem led her to her on an unexpected personal journey, ultimately founding her own company. Formerly from IBM, Leah had a programming background, but found herself on new ground as an entrepreneur. You can read about her personal journey building TaskRabbit here, at Women 2.0.

TaskRabbit currently has a loyal following in Boston and San Francisco, and recently extended it’s reach to Los Angeles and Orange County. If you’re lucky enough to have these guys in town, you just might get out of cleaning out your garage this weekend. In fact, if you’re in San Francisco, you could have your garage cleaned while you catch Leah Busque speaking at TedxSoMa this Saturday, June 18th.