Sneak peek: a mobile app for customized denim

Inside the LimeTech workshop

This week we’re offering an inside glimpse of one of our design projects. Here you can see the user interface for an e-commerce mobile app we’re developing for the SHAABI Denim brand. SHAABI is a boutique denim brand we started back in 2015. Designs are rooted in an appreciation for classic American workwear, but integrate a global sensibility with a singular creative vision.

Products are sewn in small batches, enabling shoppers to customize elements of their apparel. With this app, we’ve extended the customization experience to the mobile space, giving shoppers the ability to browse, customize, and pay on the go.

Check out our portfolio to see more about this project…

SHAABI image concept

button fly and pocket lining for shaabi denim jeans

SHAABI Phone app concept

shaabi denim e-commerce phone app screens

See more SHAABI products on the SHAABI Denim website.


Many creative people have contributed to this project. Here are some of them:

Ihssan Abukhalaf: Art Direction and Apparel Design

Hussein Alazaat of ELHARF House: Logo Design

Tarek Atrissi of Tarek Atrissi Design: Branding Development

Roland Gumanas of GURO Designs: Sample Sewing and Small Batch Production

John Smick: Small Batch Production

Ksenia Geller: Illustration

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