LimeTech site reveal

This is the week!

We’re proud to unveil our website redesign, a project that’s been in progress for some time. This is a massive new look for our brand, and the start of an exciting new chapter for LimeTech. 

This project took several months, and we’ve had our share of challenges. But we never lost sight of our goal to take LimeTech to the next level. Yes, this was not just a website redo. In fact, what you see is the result of a deep visioning and rebranding process that reimagined who we are, from our roots to our tips.

New look, new feel, new legs

As you look around, you’ll notice a few changes. Here are just a few:

  • New logo and brand colors
  • More user-friendly site navigation and UI/UX design
  • The addition of new services and retirement of others (more on this, later)
  • A portfolio documenting some of our projects
  • Form integration for easy proposal requests
  • New name and layout for our blog (now called The Slice)

This year, we also rewrote our vision statement, based on new insights into the value we bring to our clients. Here it is:

LimeTech vision

To help businesses grow their impact by building digital products that are human-centered and easy to use. We do this because we believe technology should work for people, their communities, and the planet we share.

More good things

In future articles, we’ll share more about how we’ll be implementing our vision, and we’ll take a closer look at some of our new projects.

But for now, let’s take a moment to celebrate. Pour out the bubbly (cider, champagne, Orangina…you name it!) and give this baby a twirl.

people toasting champagne from below

LimeTech is a creative tech company with a focus on app development. We help brands grow their impact by building digital products that please customers and solve business challenges. Our work includes strategy, design, content, and tech planning. Check out our portfolio or reach out to start a conversation about your project.

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