Our monthly series — Fresh Tech — a collection of fun things on the web that sparked our interest with their fresh takes on tech. 

Monthly theme: Fresh design and tips to thrive in the New Year! We wrap up this year with some fresh tech to keep us warm this winter, fresh design ideas, and fresh ways to set ourselves up well as we move into the new year. Enjoy!

Women in Tech

Discover 5 key steps for women in leadership roles to learn to trust your own instincts and become better leaders, from Women 2.0.


Looking back to move forward. From the UX Collective: How can the original Athenian democracy inspire us today? 

We were intrigued by the sneak peek of the new LoveFrom website in October’s Fresh Tech article. We followed up on it last month. Recently, the design collective’s first project has made its debut –  take a look – it may not be what you expected. We’re pleasantly surprised!

Tech Trends

A new jacket design collaboration between LifeLabs and WarmLife, focused on efficient warmth. Scott Mellin, CEO of WarmLife, also believes clothing can help us reduce our carbon footprint: “Textiles can be super beneficial to long-term sustainability.”

Remote Work

Remote teams often rely on asynchronous communication as their primary means of collaboration. This blog article from Virtual Not Distant has useful tips on striking the right balance between synchronous and asynchronous methods.

With the end of the year approaching, it’s a great time for some cleanup. Get the deets on deleting old files, cleaning up duplicates, and offloading to an external drive or cloud storage. Follow these tips and meet the new year with a fresh start! 

Screen-Free Saturdays

woman storyboarding at tableBooks:

This new book Baseline Shift: Untold Stories of Women in Graphic Design History by Briar Levit sounds fascinating:

“Baseline Shift centers diverse women across backgrounds whose work has shaped, shifted, and formed graphic design as we know it today. From an interdisciplinary book designer and calligrapher starting out in Harlem’s Renaissance, to the invisible drafters of Monotype’s drawing office, the women represented here include auteurs, advocates for social justice, and creators ahead of their time. The fifteen essays in this illustrated collection come from contributors with a variety of backgrounds and perspectives. Baseline Shift is essential reading for students and practitioners of graphic design, as well as anyone with an interest in women’s history.”

Read an excerpt from the book on the Eye on Design blog.

If you’re looking to switch up your weekend routines this winter, how about trying urban hiking, which has gained popularity this year. Gear Junkie provides some helpful ways to turn your city stroll into a full-on workout.

Want more? Catch up on last month’s Fresh Tech article.



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YaMabrook launch announcement

YaMabrook launch announcement

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Nice to meet you, color! Color terminology explained. [updated]

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Hello, color! How to choose colors for your app. [updated]

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