How taking your company remote may benefit your company in the long run

taking your company remote

COVID-19 has demanded hard, fast change from business owners and workers alike. After facing the pain of suddenly taking your company remote, you might also discover some surprising advantages. Here are just a few ways remote work may benefit your company over time:

  1. Reduced commutes = time saved and a generally happier team.
  2. Less absenteeism. With fewer impediments such as commute challenges and (some) childcare conflicts, workers may be less inclined to call in sick. Some research has connected reduced absenteeism with improved productivity.
  3. Reduced overhead costs. Those not locked into long term leases can reduce or eliminate office space, thereby lowering one of the largest monthly expenses. Equipment costs can also be lowered by moving data to the cloud and getting rid of Xerox machines.
  4. Flexible work schedules. Not for all companies, but workers appreciate flexibility when it is feasible. Play to your team strengths by allowing staff to work outside the regular 9-5.
  5. Tap global talent. Hire from anywhere and tap the global workforce. Augment your core team by hiring from locations normally considered outside your hiring pool.
  6. Fewer meetings can translate to more effective time management. What used to be covered in a two-hour staff meeting can often be managed with quick check-ins on Slack, Google Hangouts, or your preferred project management software.
  7. Faster onboarding. Gone are the days when new hires wile away the hours as they wait for an IT person to show up and provision their new laptop. Once you’ve systemized the remote onboarding process, new employees can be up and running fast.
  8. Easier pivots. Remote teams, especially those that integrate agile work methodology, often respond faster to rapid changes in the business landscape. The transition from co-located teams to fully remote often has bumps along the road, but the long-term benefits can be tangible.
  9. Employee retention. Many employees prefer working remotely due to the flexibility and mobility it provides. As remote work becomes more common, some workers are relocating to places outside of major metropolitan areas, whether for improved quality of life, connection to family, or greater affordability. A good work-life balance inevitably leads to greater loyalty and commitment to the job…

Companies converting to remote work or telecommuting often face IT challenges. If your data isn’t instantly and always accessible, your team can face serious delays. If you’re dealing with IT issues or are still trying to figure out how to move your data to the cloud, feel free to reach out. We’re happy to help you with your challenges.

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