What’s the Buzz About Google Drive?

Google Drive

There has been a lot of buzz lately about Google Drive, a cloud-based file storage/collaboration product that was released in late April. Google Drive provides up to 5 GB of free storage and up to 25GB for $2.49/month, which make for impressive numbers.

Google has positioned this product as a rival to the ever-popular Dropbox, which we’ve blogged about before. Other players in this realm include Box.net, JungleDisk, and Live Mesh.

PC World has a great article describing the merits and draw-backs of Google Drive, and the overall review is not quite a rave one.

Mashable also features an article comparing Google Drive to it’s competitors.

After a brief test drive, we’re not yet wowed by Google Drive and we hold true to our opinion that Dropbox has managed to develop a superior product. This is not just hometown pride, but our own impressions of Dropbox’s quality and ease of use, especially in the process of automatically syncing files and documents.

That said, the emergence of a player as big as Google may have the effect of reducing prices in the online storage market. And we as consumers will continue to reap the benefits if this sector remains as competitive as it is.