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Whether you’re launching a startup, building a remote team, or managing creative projects, data is the foundation of your work. Manage your data the right way, and your team will collaborate flawlessly. Take the wrong direction and you could lose time, resources, or the next important project.

In an age of fast growth and sudden pivots you can’t afford to make poor choices when it comes to the format, structure, and integrity of your data systems.

Why not work with an IT team who’ve helped other agile companies grow and flourish?

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With 10+ years’ experience working with scores of innovative companies, we’re familiar with the IT challenges you face. Tap our experience to boost your operations and help your team move faster from concept to delivery.

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We offer IT services and support for :

IT Services for Media, PR, and Creative Agencies

What We Do

  • IT consulting services and project management
  • IT planning, infrastructure builds, and company transitions
  • Onsite and remote tech support service
  • Network and server security solutions
  • Scalable cloud computing services
  • Resolution of chronic technical challenges
  • Website and mobile application development services
  • Cloud data solutions


  • high tech startups
  • media and production companies
  • PR and creative agencies
  • remote and distributed team development
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IT Services for High Tech Startups

Tech-savvy planning and support: IT on your terms.

So you’re a techie with a great startup that’s growing fast.
You’re smart and nimble, and usually self-sufficient. Suddenly you’ve got engineers and marketing people and no way do you have time to set up access privileges for that new sales guy.

Maybe you’re the Operations Manager in charge of the relocation to a hot new address.
Service interruptions are not an option. Now, you just need a team to make it happen.

Or, you’re head of a mid-stage startup and your hotshot developer wants to work from the beach in Cancun.
You’re thinking maybe the whole team should go remote, but you’ve got a board meeting in a few weeks, and no time to handle the logistics…

IT Services for Remote Teams

What We Do

  • IT guidance and consulting services
  • IT planning, infrastructure builds, and company transitions
  • Onsite and remote tech support service
  • Project-based IT assignments
    • Security audits and security protocol implementation
    • Filesharing, collaboration, and project management solutions for remotely dispersed teams
    • Expansion planning and office relocations
  • Flexible and scalable cloud computing services
  • Resolution of chronic technical challenges
  • Cloud business applications


  • fast pivots to remote work and telecommuting
  • locally or globally distributed teams
  • COVID-19 related business conversions
  • high tech startups and business-building 
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High Tech Startups

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Companies in a Growth Phase

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Media, PR, and Creative Agencies

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Remote Teams

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Entrepreneurs and Investors

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The LimeTech Process..

Our work includes IT project planning and implementation, cloud computing solutions such as cloud backup, storage, and filesharing, desktop, network, and server support services. Our specialty is developing custom infrastructure solutions for companies geared toward collaboration and fast growth.
We work under retainer or on an hourly or per-project basis. For most companies, we work remotely, but we can deliver onsite support in the San Francisco or Boston Metro regions.
We work with innovators, achievers, makers, and dreamers. Our primary clients include high tech startups, creative agencies, and remotely dispersed teams.
Flexible IT infrastructure solutions, with a focus on digital collaboration
Data management, including storage, backup, file sharing, and restoration
Data protection and cyber security
Cloud technologies
Technical support

“Finding reliable IT support is crucial to making sure your company runs smoothly and LimeTech has been that partner to LaunchSquad for over seven years…I’d highly recommend LimeTech to anyone looking for professional and dependable IT management”

Stephanie Fryer, HR & Operations Manager,

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