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Mega-List of Bay Area Startup Resources

Mega-List of Bay Area Startup Whether you’re still hatching your idea or you’re a seasoned veteran of the startup scene, here are 50+ Bay Area startup resources to help you launch and grow your dream business. San Francisco Office and Coworking Spaces If you’re not ready to sign a lease for your own location, you could head over to a…

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What Do We Actually Do?

Technology Support for Bay Area Businesses Having been in the IT industry for a while, we're pretty accustomed to getting "the look" when we tell non-techies what we do. You know what we mean.  It can range from a quizzical squint of the eyes, to a complete glazing over, to a wild casting about for something else (anything else!) to…

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Rocking the Terminal at the SF Ruby Meetup

So grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the SF Ruby Meetup / Rails Outreach for Women this Saturday at the Twitter headquarters. These events have been taking place every month or so, and were created to improve the diversity of the Ruby on Rails programming community. The hosts and volunteer teachers were incredibly open and supportive; I was…

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