Cloud migration FAQs

Cloud migration FAQs Cloud migrations have been a big deal over the past couple years, as thousands (if not millions) of companies did a fast pivot to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies are still playing catch-up, though. If you've heard about cloud migrations, but aren't sure how they work, we've got the information you're looking for. Read…

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The LimeTech approach

The LimeTech approach The LimeTech approach involves business savvy, big-picture thinking, and total transparency. We understand the challenges of running a business in a fast-changing world. Find out how LimeTech technology planning and development services can help your business get a leading edge.     LimeTech is a creative tech company with a focus on innovation and adaptive change. We use…

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remote work astronaut

8 easy steps for going remote with your business

Going remote doesn't have to be painful Many companies put off a true transition to remote work out of anxiety that it will slow down operations. With proper planning, though, the process can be smooth. Here are 8 easy steps for going remote with your business: 1. Plan and assess Determine your timeline, team, budget, and data requirements. Survey your…

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man getting ideas for his disaster recovery plan

Creating a disaster recovery plan in the age of COVID-19

6 steps to creating a disaster recovery plan While it may seem like working through a pandemic is your worst-case scenario, you should still take time to cover all the bases. With your location quiet and your team disbursed, you may be more vulnerable than ever to emergency situations. Here are the 6 basic steps for creating a disaster recovery…

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provisioning laptops, computers and devices

Remote work series: laptop provisioning, management, and safety

In the midst of a hard pivot to a remote work model, it's easy to become lax in the management of company devices--especially laptop provisioning management. In fact, whether you're shipping out laptops to a slew of new hires or you're converting to a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model, your IT team is bound to have their hands full. While COVID-19 has…

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illustration of two workers and a large computer monitor

Assess your IT systems after going remote

In the brave new world of COVID-19, remote work is the new norm. For many companies, the transition to remote work has involved a fast, hard pivot...often a painful one. The abrupt nature of this transition means that you may have not had time to prioritize the safe management of your information. Meanwhile, the word is out that many companies…

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team planning and communications

Who should hire an IT consulting firm?

For today's blog, we wanted to take a moment to discuss the topic of who should hire an IT consulting firm. Working with an outside IT provider is not a good fit for everyone. We'll be describing the kinds of scenarios where this does or does not make sense. First things first: who should not hire an IT consulting firm?…

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Smart Methods for Password Creation

It's challenging to come up with secure passwords that will protect your data from online crooks. The crooks are, in fact, becoming more and more savvy with each passing year. For the best protection, choose passwords that comply with high standards of protection. Here are some ways to help you create strong passwords you will actually remember. Smart Methods for…

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When Your Phone System Fails

Client Case Study: Total Phone System Failure Nobody likes a crisis, but when one happens, the best outcome is a quick and effective resolution. Since we've been involved in the San Francisco Bay Area IT sector for over a decade, we've seen our share of crises. Along the way we've learned that when the alarms start ringing, you jump into…

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IT for Startups

What Are The Unique IT Needs Of Startup Companies?   We've had great working relationships with a number of startup companies. We're often asked by prospective clients what's unique about IT for startups. Here are some of our thoughts on this: Scalable Business Model Startups have business models that require them to ramp up or down in response to rapid…

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