Introducing UI/UX design services

High quality UI/UX design is a core part of creating a great product. When you care about users, it shows…and the users will love you back. LimeTech UI/UX design services center on three areas: UI/UX for prototyping a new idea, UI/UX for new product design, and UI/UX updates – ie. when your product (or website) needs a refresh. 

Let’s cover the ways you can benefit from our work.

Product prototyping

So, you’ve got a brand new idea for an app. You’re likely excited. Maybe you’ve shared the concept with a few people, even done a napkin sketch or two. Now, what’s next? 

For many, the next step is creating a prototype. Prototyping is a way of creating an inexpensive representation of your product, without having to go through the whole design and development process. You can build a basic, low-fidelity (lo-fi) version or a fancier, high-fidelity (hi-fi) prototype. Many choose both.

pen sitting on a wireframe drawing

There are many reasons to start with a prototype. You can use a prototype to demonstrate the viability of your idea, conduct early user testing, or even pitch to investors. Best of all, a prototype gives you the flexibility to adjust your app concept as you gather new information about the market, including competitive factors or user preferences.

LimeTech can help you take your rough idea and build a static or interactive prototype – working from your napkin sketches, whiteboard notes, or a few detailed conversations. We truly enjoy this process of taking a lightbulb moment and translating it into a full-fledged model.

UI/UX for new product design

Maybe you’re confident in your market and are ready to take your app from zero to 100. We can help you with that, and the first stages always involve UI/UX design. 

Led by your product manager and guided by a detailed project scope, the UX design process is concerned with mapping and creating a user experience that’s easy, intuitive, and relevant to your user community. 

post its on board

Whenever possible, we start with early-stage research on user needs, requirements, and expectations. We understand that direct access to the user community isn’t always an option. So we also survey the competitive landscape to understand the needs of the market and any potential gaps.

As the product is fleshed out, we recommend conducting user testing to get feedback on the product direction. We’re firm believers that the more information we can gather, the better our chances of success!

With a complete picture established, we can plan and create the user story, user personas, user journey map, and user flows. Each of these elements help clarify the goals and task requirements for your new application. These, in turn, will increase the chances of product success. We’ll explore these topics more in a future article.

hands with sheets of wireframe drawings

Working from the user flows, which map how your users move across the product experience, your design team is equipped to start the more granular work of creating wireframes and mockups, as well as a working prototype. At the end of each sprint, we share our work and get feedback from you, refining the designs as we go. 

The last stage of our UI/UX design process involves user interface design. 

Your UI designer focuses on designing clear, simple, branded screens, providing exactly the right amount of information, visual design elements, and animation at each stage of the user experience. A UX writer will contribute compelling content at this stage of the process.

mobile screen layouts on desktop screen

Once all screen designs are reviewed and approved, the designs are delivered to our development team. The engineers bring your product to life, which is the final stage of your project. We’ll talk more about that process in a future article.

Getting core alignment with user needs and expectations is important from the earliest stage possible. As you can see, the UI/UX design process plays a fundamental role in planning and designing a pleasing, even delightful product.

UI/UX updates

If your product isn’t pleasing users or your website is looking decidedly unfresh, it’s a great time for a UI/UX update.

You probably appreciate that both user expectations and design trends are always changing. What was fresh and new two years ago is likely no longer the same. 

We start UI/UX updates with a UX audit. We analyze the content across your product or website, documenting existing design and copy work. We document user pain points, looking for inconsistent messaging and instances where the user experience goes awry.

two people looking at a laptop screen in front of a window

All of our recommendations are documented in spreadsheets and reviewed carefully to confirm they align with overall goals for the product. If there is data available, including results from user surveys or metrics on user drop-offs, etc., we like to get access to that, too. All of this informs our strategy for your product refresh.

In some cases, products suffer from a lack of early planning and documentation. If that was the case, we may recommend updates to your style guide and/or voice and tone guide, all of which can improve product consistency, and raise the trust level of your users.

Let’s discuss your UI/UX design project

Whether you’re in the earliest stages of product development or you’re ready for an overhaul, you can always benefit from UI/UX design services. If you recognize your challenges in this article, you might be a great candidate to work with us.

Get in touch today to discuss your project and learn more about LimeTech UI/UX design services.

LimeTech is a creative tech company with a focus on app development. We help brands grow their impact by building digital products that please customers and solve business challenges. Our work includes strategy, design, content, and tech planning. Check out our portfolio or reach out to start a conversation about your project.

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