New in 2022, LimeTech is officially offering content creation services. We’ve been doing this work for some of our legacy clients, but with the launch of our new website, now is a great time to open the doors wider. So, welcome in! Let’s take a look at our services and how your company can benefit.

Research and strategy

Whether you’re developing a brand or a product, good research is key to success. Knowing how and where to position yourself can deliver a competitive advantage and save you time and money as well. Here are some areas where research and strategy come into play.

Competitive research and content planning

Conducting competitive research in advance of developing a product or brand is key to finding the right product-market fit. Once you understand the landscape and the major players, you’re better prepared to enter strong, connect with your ideal customer, and capture your share of the market. 

In the context of our content creation services, we can help you identify direct competitors and identify ways targeted content can help you stand out from the pack. This can apply to your brand voice, blog strategy, or the ways content evolves throughout the user journey. Whatever the case, we’re ready to help you lay the groundwork for creating content with impact.

Brand voice guidelines

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Having a consistent brand voice helps establish trust with your user community. You can achieve consistency by establishing clear guidelines for how your brand voice plays out across all channels of communication. This can include a tone mapping guide, a glossary of terms, and the do’s and don’ts writers need to pay attention to when writing for your brand.

We can survey your existing content to develop proper documentation, or work with your team to create a brand voice guide from scratch. With this guide in hand, you can confidently hire content creators to write for your team.

Other research and strategy services

Other services we offer include the development of user personas and background research for business and marketing plans. We can also assist product managers by conducting research that contributes to overall product strategy.

Digital content writing and editing

Content helps you educate customers, cultivate leads, and spread brand awareness. First, you need a solid content strategy and brand voice guidelines. With those in place, you can use content to grow your community, nurture prospects, and increase brand awareness. 

The LimeTech content team specializes in content creation for digital formats. Some of our specialties include blog articles, case studies, and newsletter content. We can also write impactful content for web pages, landing pages, e-commerce product description, and ad campaigns. We’re familiar with SEO best practices and can work with your SEO or marketing team to integrate key phrases into your content.

UX writing for web and mobile apps

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Product teams need UX writers to help customers navigate an application by clearly guiding user actions and behavior. UX is simply an abbreviation for the term “User Experience.” “UX writing” refers to the words that help users experience the product. Whenever possible, this experience should be smooth, accessible, even delightful, without drawing too much attention to itself.

LimeTech offers a range of UX writing services: microcopy, onboarding text, notifications, components, error messages, and UI content. This is an area of expansion for LimeTech.

Keep in mind that successful UX writing requires a deep familiarity with your product and brand, including user goals, personas, and voice and tone requirements. So, every UX writing project by nature involves some research.

LimeTech content creation services: how we work

We work in two primary ways: on a per-project basis, or under a retainer for a recurring monthly fee. We can collaborate inside your existing projects, or create spreadsheets, docs, or Figma files we share with you to convey our work. Keep watching this space, as we’ll be writing more about our process in next week’s article.

Ready to start

LimeTech content creation services include an array of services to enhance your brand communication strategies. Whether entering at the research and development phase, or refining the writing for individual screens, we’re flexible, adaptable, and ready to work on a quick timeline. 

Get in touch to have a quick conversation about how your content can reach new heights with a little help from LimeTech.

LimeTech is a creative tech company with a focus on app development. We help brands grow their impact by building digital products that please customers and solve business challenges. Our work includes strategy, design, content, and tech planning. Check out our portfolio or reach out to start a conversation about your project.

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