Get to market faster with a minimum viable product

Building an MVP may be the smartest way to get your app up and running


MVP development by LimeTech


An MVP is a nuts-and-bolts version of your idea — built and launched on the shortest timeline possible. It helps you test your concept, without wasting resources.

An MVP can be a great way to get your product in the hands of users before building a full-blown product.

Benefits of starting with an MVP:

  • Save money. More affordable than a fully-featured version of your product.
  • Save time. Speed up your development timeline. Get to market faster.
  • Achieve more clarity. Hone in on your purpose and avoid excess features.
  • Reduce the risk of failure. Test your assumptions about the market early, and adjust your path as needed.
  • Be informed. Collect early feedback and gather valuable data to inform the evolution of your product.
  • Grow your community. Spread the word and attract fans and early adopters.
  • Fundraise. Pitch to investors and convey your growth potential.

LimeTech uses rapid application development methods to quickly take you from concept to launch.

Why build an MVP with LimeTech?

  • 15+ years’ experience working with startups
  • Trained in agile methodology for rapid app development
  • Big-picture thinking + handcrafted solutions
  • Specialization in cross-platform app development for iOS and Android
  • Based in the US, with a distributed team of global talent

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