Elevate your business with a move to the cloud

Expand your capabilities and collaborate with ease


Cloud Migrations

Cloud migrations by LimeTech

Is your data trapped inside your network? Don't let it hold you back.

Migrate from on-premises servers to a distributed network of data centers.

This process is customizable and affordable. Here are some of the many advantages:

Better data accessibility

Access files from any secure internet connection for remote work, collaboration, and global partnerships.

Greater flexibility

Respond to market changes quickly and easily with a scalable backup and storage system.

Sizeable savings

Save money and free up cash with lower purchasing and maintenance costs.

Why LimeTech?

We’ve helped scores of businesses with their cloud setups, migrations, and more. Here’s what one of our clients had to say about it:

“LimeTech set us up with a large-scale cloud implementation that supports our staff and hundreds of freelancers’ collaboration on our media and events projects....I do not hesitate to recommend them when I can.”

Jeremy Nichols

Owner, PixProductions.com

A cloud migration can help you...

Save money

by reducing equipment + IT maintenance costs

Improve scalability

by utilizing only as much storage as you need

Increase your reach

by hiring + collaborating with partners from anywhere

Enhance safety

by protecting your data from disasters, thieves, and hackers

Improve efficiency

by tapping into a universe of cloud-based applications

Increase productivity

by reducing downtime due to technical issues

Cloud migration = peace of mind

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