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Start with a prototype

You’ve got a great idea for an app, but you’re not quite ready to build. A prototype may be the best approach.

App prototyping by LimeTech

A prototype is a great way to demonstrate the potential of a new idea. Use it to test your concept, show early users, or pitch to investors.

Prototyping also helps you establish the look and feel of your app. You can build a low-fidelity or high-fidelity version, depending on your goals.

Benefits of prototyping:

Save time and money

Be frugal with your resources by starting with a low-stakes version of your idea.

Test and iterate

Use your prototype to do early user testing and inform the development of your product.

Convey and display

A prototype helps you demonstrate proof-of-concept. This can be useful when recruiting important stakeholders.

Why build a prototype with LimeTech?

  • 15+ years’ experience working with startups
  • Trained in agile methodology for rapid app development
  • Big-picture thinking + handcrafted solutions
  • Specialization in cross-platform app development for iOS and Android
  • Based in the US, with a distributed team of global talent

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