Anonymous Hacking Collective Takes on BART

Interesting news to hear that our very own BART transit system has been targeted by the infamous hacking collective known as Anonymous. While we all love to support our local public transit system, BART, with fatal shootings by BART transit officers on either side of the Bay, and now a censorship scandal and a hacking breech, deserves little sympathy. Even the ACLU has spoken out against BART’s actions to prevent a planned protest by blocking cell phone service within the system.

The latest plot twist has an online video attributed to Anonymous calling for a massive (peaceful) protest at the SF Civic Center station at 5pm today. If indeed this YouTube video was posted by hacking collective we’ve all come to know, it would mark a significant change of tactic for the group, and a step toward real-world organizing. Now, let’s hope that Anonymous’ grandstanding and the possible attraction for flash-mob violence doesn’t sabotage a movement that has worked hard to build momentum and garner grassroots support on behalf of BART shooting victims’ families.

If you’re in downtown San Francisco today during commute hours, you might want to take care. At the least, keep your camera handy and be on the lookout for some interesting street action. And by the way, BART will give you text alerts about the status of service…that is, if your cell phone works…

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