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How the iPad is Changing Business by Bringing People Together

We’ve all heard about the ways the iPad and iPad 2 tablets will help us live happier, sexier lives through our enhanced ability to know and see anything, anywhere, anytime. ....

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iPad 2 to Take Over Mobile Teleconferencing

As mobile technology advances steadily, it becomes more clear by the year that we are just that much closer to being truly connected to each other. Emails and voice serve....

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How to Quickly Create a New AppleScript

As computing productivity geeks, we’re always looking for new ways to automate tasks and run small programs to make our computers work more efficiently. That leads to a lot of....

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Negative Carbon Footprint Cement

As businesses expand, they require more office spaces and server warehouses, and an increasingly large carbon footprint. The idea of taking infrastructure off the grid has been rather old news.....

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Comparing Online Trouble Ticketing Systems

I know how time-consuming it can be to find the right help desk ticketing solution for your environment. We’ve spent hours researching this topic, creating demo accounts, and comparing functionality....

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Some Tips and Apps for Tax Season

  If you have an inkling that you might want to upgrade your business technology, 2011 is the year to do it, thanks to generous deductions and bonus depreciations through....

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