When Your Computer Gives Someone Cancer

More of you are asking for advice on green(er) alternatives when purchasing new computers, electronics, and all variety of gadgets. There is rising awareness of the health risks when old electronics are dumped in the um, well, dump. While nobody has yet invented a computer you can plant and grow a tree with, you can educate yourself on finding the best e-waste recycler. Courtesy of the Center for Environmental Health, here are some tips and resources for home, work and school. However, note that one of their top recommendations is extending the life of your current electronics.

It’s simple, and it may be the single most effective way to reduce both the cost and the footprint of your company’s electronics.

According to the latest estimates, extending the lifespan of your electronics from three to four years saves your company $325 for every $1,000 in original cost. And it only gets better from there: at four and a half years, the savings reach $500, and at five years they are $650.

And, if you haven’t watched it already, Annie Leonard’s The Story of Electronics offers a great call-to-action for the end of technology products being designed for the dump.