What Do We Love?

SF Heart

As 2013 quickly draws to a close, it’s a great moment for us to take stock of all we have to be grateful for. So, here’s our list of bigs and littles…





  1.  Giving thanks for where we work and play. You know as well as we do that the San Francisco Bay Area is something extraordinary. There are so few other places in this country with such a combination of agreeable weather, stunning scenery, kooky people, and rowdy culture. Just being part of this mix gives us inspiration every day.
  2. Keeping it local. Running a small company that serves other local businesses is a good thing. As is not sitting in traffic. How great it is to never have to board an airplane to keep an appointment! Does admiring one’s own small carbon footprint fall too close to navel-gazing?
  3. We love our clients. OK, everyone says that, so how can we say that without sounding cliche? But really, from the local nonprofit arts organization to the techie startup in San Francisco, we are so lucky to work alongside so many incredible businesses. We’ve seen you in the trenches and we know how tough it can be, but we’ve also watched you rise above it all to achieve more than you ever thought you were capable of. Thank you for bringing us on board to help out with your IT; we hope we’ve been able to make your work a little easier along the way.
  4. And, our collection of personal favs. Taco trucks. Three-wheeled bicycles. Arts collectives. Free WiFi. Maker events. Orange fizzy drinks. Hiking the Marin Headlands. Raindrops on roses (kidding!). Kayaking the estuary. Streaming music. Coworking spaces and hacker collectives. Dark coffee with biscotti. Alameda Antique Fair. The Bold Italic. Permaculture. Free concerts in Golden Gate Park. WordPress blogging. Adventure Playground. Chia Pets. Green Apple Books. Airbnb. Napping. The Fillmore. BitTorrent. Mitchell’s Ice Cream. Chabot Space and Science Center. Mushroom cultivation. Ferry rides. Buy Nothing Day (except when you really need something!). Democracy Now (vs. later). Avocado trees. 826 Valencia. RailsBridge. Jack London Square Farmer’s Market. Ukelele music. Arizmendi on a Sunday. Car sharing. Live jazz. Working printers.

It can be so easy to get caught up in holiday stresses, and to forget about how many great things we have access to on a daily basis. How about you? What are you grateful for?

Flickr Photo Credit: Samantha Marx

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