Welcome to Suite #320

Well, it’s official. After searching far and wide, we discovered the perfect office suite…across the hall from our old space. Three times the size, with more light and walls in the perfect shade of minty green. And did we mention the bamboo floors? Indeed, Suite #320 was a coup, and it marks a new chapter in the growth of LimeTech. We’re looking forward to finishing the decor and inviting our community out for an office shindig in the next month or so. Keep watching this blog for details.

So, given that there were no moving crews, the relocation has been quite smooth, except for some AT&T service issues. Though we only traveled ten feet across the hall, AT&T managed to improperly assign our new account, leading to service outage on three days in the past week. Two techs have visited our location, spending 4+ hours on the phone (combined with 3+ hours on the phone from our end), and the issue still pending. The whole situation would be quite the comedy of errors, except that it’s not funny when you’re a tech company and internet is your lifeblood.

(Note: we’re temporarily working from another location with reliable internet until this issue is resolved. As always, you can reach us as at [email protected] or 1-800-344-9018)

In other news, we’re excited to announce that we’ll also be staging LimeTech operations from the SF/SOMA location of the Sandbox Suites coworking space. This means we’ll now have an official operations presence on either side of the Bay. Our new arrangement enables us to provide ease-of-service to clients in both San Francisco and the East Bay, and we can move fluidly back and forth, since our information and applications are in the cloud.

Having two operations sites helps us run our business as efficiently as possible, reducing the need for frequent trips across the Bay. In other words, our team members in San Francisco have a place to work in between gigs, and we can conduct business meetings on either side of the bridge. Can you say “Holy lot of carbon reduction, Batman?” And, Sandbox Suites is a really great place to hang out and meet other folks in the tech community…so we’re jazzed about spending time over there.

So for now, keep watching this blog for pictures of our new setup and details about upcoming events. We can’t wait to show off our new pad…