Use an iPad to Reduce Paper Waste

Tablets possess an advantage not many other multitasking electronic devices can offer. We know that iPads are well-known as a consuming product, but the by-product of this trait is its ability to keep one concentrated on one task, whether it be a video, eBook, or a PDF. This unique ability comes from the UI and industrial design gene the tablets all share, which offers a very similar experience to paper documents. The tablet displays only one window at once, to deter distraction and also to save screen estate.

With eBook sales doubling each year, the Association of American Publishers point out a new study to show eBook sales surge to 115% in January in 2011, producing $69.9 million in revenue. This shows just how much Americans are ready to switch.  In fact, we are getting more and more accustomed to reading text on a screen, especially when the device is light, and the information is downloaded quickly.

Imagine a reduced usage of paper in the office, and a cloud-based collaborating application for employees to share spreadsheets and PDF documents. Not only you are saving money on printers and cartridges, but if done correctly, as a business owner you can help create a more efficient collaboration platform from the very basic text level.