The Rising Trend in Standing Workstations

If you’re concerned that your love handles are growing handles of their own, here’s a topic that might be of interest to you…

Lately, we’ve noticed the increasing proliferation of standing desks at a range of offices in San Francisco. This may be old news for some, since this kind of setup has been popular with programmers at local startups for a while. However, as was recently covered in Inc. Magazine, standing desks and active work environments may now be gaining more traction in the mainstream. This follows the publication of more reports on the dangers of sedentary work habits and rising rates of obesity.

Here’s a photo, courtesy of Plutor, of a pretty classic version of the standing desk:

While this kind of change is not for everyone, it’s worth consideration if your team members do long stretches of research, coding, or data crunching.

If you’re interested in learning how to set up a standing workstation, check out these articles on Boing Boing and Smarterware. If you’re willing to risk a little ridicule and try a more extreme approach, you could try a “walk-and-work” setup, or a treadmill computer. Keep in mind that it can take a couple weeks for your body to adjust (some people complain of painful feet at the beginning), but the lasting effects can range from increased productivity to a reduction in body fat.

Or, you could find a way to liberate your team from the office entirely, and go mobile with laptops attached to folding solar panels, like the fellow in this picture by docentjoyce:

Liberated Worker at a Solar Computer


Let us know if you’ve made a change like this to your work environment. Are you leading a happier, healthier life, or just dealing with shin splints now?