The Prospects of Seasteading

Seasteading: A New Kind of Future

For all of those of you who have dreamed of a more-perfect future, have you considered the futurist lifestyle of seasteading? Seasteading, sometimes known as floating cities, posits the idea that we may someday create alternative communities out on the oceans.

The Original SeasteaderOK, banish the cringe-worthy images of Kevin Costner in the widely lampooned movie Waterworld. Seasteading is actually a concept that is arousing serious interest and speculation withing the seed startup and investor communities.

While seasteading as a lifestyle is not yet realized, groups of engineers, entrepreneurs, and funders are laying the groundwork for what they believe may ultimately become an important sector of society.

The area with the most buzz is the seasteading startup sector. Blueseed, a proposed offshore startup community, is being pitched as Silicon Valley’s visa-free offshore startup community. Blueseed posits a place where entrepreneurs, startups and their teams can work free from visa regulation, within easy proximity of Silicon Valley funders and resources.

Blueseed is positioning itself as a solution to the United States’ lack of an entrepreneurship visa. Other laws and regulations Blueseed residents would be capable of bypassing aren’t addressed, but taxes, gambling, investment, and environmental laws leap to mind.

At the moment, participation is estimated at $1600 per month, including living accommodations. There is, of course, no escaping the “cool factor” of being one of the early startups or entrepreneurs chosen for this adventure, if and when it becomes a reality.

Want to participate in the disucussion around seasteading? The Seasteading Institute’s third annual Seasteading Conference will be taking place in San Francisco May 31st thru June 2nd at La Meridien Hotel. Activities include a cruise of the SF Bay and a benefactor’s dinner at Forbes Island, off of Fisherman’s Warf. Here are the scheduled events for the conference.

Seasteading Conference

Our favorite “seasteaders” for now continue to be the houseboat dwellers in Sausalito and Alameda.

Houseboat in Sausalito

Sausalito Houseboat. Flickr Photo Credit: Sporst