Multi-Touch Computing on Any Surface

A Screen-less Touchscreen from OmniTouch

If you’re willing to brave the silly factor and can handle the weight of an odd projector perched on your shoulder, it is now possible to receive emails on the palm of your hand (without a smartphone). As seen in Fast Company magazine, OmniTouch’s recent prototype is a wearable computer that projects a screen-less interface, allowing you to interact as though finger were a mouse or the nearest surface were a touchscreen. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

It doesn’t take any great leap of the imagination to start wondering about the implications for personal computing, not to mention privacy. But hey, this is Microsoft-funded technology, so you’ll be in good hands, right? Whatever the case, we won’t be sad to say goodbye to carpel tunnel syndrome, once technology like this starts coming to a workplace near you.

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