How to Record a Screencast on Your Mac

How to Record a Screencast on Your Mac

If you’ve had ambitions to create a tutorial, now is the time. Perhaps you’ve been waiting to teach the world your special technique in growing Chia Pets.

More likely, you’ve got something a little less exotic going on.

Whatever the case, here’s a helpful video that walks you through how to record a screencast on your Mac, using Quicktime Player, thanks to YouTube channel Academic Aesthetic.

Video of How to Record a Screencast on Your Mac:


If you’d prefer written instructions, the Stanford University Academic Computing Lab gives some great advice, too.

When all is said and done, you will probably find that recording a screencast is a lot easier than you think. With a little practice you’ll be churning out those tutorials every day. You may even get over feeling goofy after the first few attempts. For some of us, that’s the hardest part!

So, why wait? Today is a great day to get started on recording a screencast on your Mac. Now that you’ve got the tools, there’s no more excuses…