Great Resources for Free Stuff Online

The best things in life aren’t always free, but it sure is nice to get stuff without paying. If you’re shopping on a dime and got no time to wade through internet slush-piles, you might try some of these resources we’ve collected. Here are some favorite go-to places for free games, downloads and handy how-to videos.

Best Source for Free Mac Downloads

If your Mac needs a little more bling and you’re not willing to shell out big payola for the newest app-on-the-block, check out Lifehacker’s incredible list of free Mac downloads. Note that this list is released annually, and you can browse previous years’ lists, in case you missed out before.

Best Source for Free Writers’ Resources

Got a bad case of writer’s block, or just can’t figure out the best way to organize your thoughts? Dustin Wax at published this great article listing apps and productivity resources for writers.

Free Games to Fill Your Afternoon

While many of us can only dream of leisure time, if you’ve got a few minutes for some fun, check out TechRadar’s article on the Top 30 Free Games You Should Play Today.

Great Destinations for How-To Videos

And, some folks’ very lives depend on the proliferation of how-to videos on the web. This article from lists some of the most popular destinations for how-to videos and tutorials.

And if You’re Really Ambitious

If you want to branch out and try scoring things beyond the web, you might learn something from the author of The $39 Experiment .  He wrote letters asking for free stuff from a wide range of companies, and then documented their (mostly) generous responses. Some of the letters are hilarious in their own right. Willing to try this with Apple or Microsoft, anyone?

Dear Apple, I really like that cute gadget called the iPad 2. Do you want to send me one, so I can share it with all of my friends?

Let us know if you’ve got a favorite resource for free stuff–we’d love to hear about it!


Flickr Photo Credit: AMagill