Five Fast Shortcuts for Mac Users

Most great magic tricks rely on sleight-of-hand techniques.

Wow your friends with a different kind of magic using these five fast shortcuts for Mac Users.

Quick Calculations

Tired of searching through your applications folder to find your calculator? Guess what! You can do quick calculations via Spotlight. Click on your Spotlight icon (the little magnifier icon on the top right corner of your screen) and type in your math problem. The answer will be automatically generated.

Capture Your Screen

Take a fast screenshot and save it to your desktop using the shortcut Command-Shift-3. Command-Shift-4 will bring up crosshairs that enable you to select the parameters of your screenshot.

Hide and Seek

Quickly hide and reveal your dock using the shortcut Command-Option-D.

Sift Through Apps

Cycle through various open apps by holding down Command and hitting the Tab button repeatedly. You can also do the two-fingered swipe on your touch-pad to cycle through faster.

Escape Hatch

Browsing naughty sites when you should be working? Don’t get caught! Command-W to quickly close the current tab on your browser.


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