Donate Your Used Computer Locally

Where to donate used computers and electronics in the Bay Area

Seeing as we’re in the Bay Area, you’ve got no excuse not to dispose of your electronics the right way. This article by Global Stewards, has a great list of e-waste recyclers, computer refurbishers, and computer drop-off centers. Some of these businesses will refurbish your computer and then donate it to a local school or charity. We’re fans of Berkeley’s Alameda County Computer Resource Center, but there’s plenty more if you’re located farther afield.

Oakland Technology Exchange West is one local refurbisher that’s gained local recognition and a grant through the California Emerging Technology Fund. Their work is geared toward training Oakland students to refurbish computers which are then distributed to the local community. In the following video, Oakland Technology Exchange West founder Bruce Buckelow describes his efforts to help Oakland residents cross the digital divide.

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