DIY Laptop Repair

Ready to Try Your Hand at DIY Laptop Repair?

When DIY laptop repair is your only option, try doing a little research before you take things into your own hands. has a number of great articles on ways you can improve your laptop’s performance. Here’s our collection of some of the good ones.

Laptop getting too hot for your lap? Here’s a good general list of steps you can take to give your old laptop an extreme makeover:

Laptop running too slow? Here’s a great article that details how to add RAM to your Mac or PC:

Is your keyboard having issues? This article details how to de-stick your keys and clean your touchpad:

This one covers how to replace your hard drive or your CD/DVD drive:

Spring cleaning! How to clean up and speed up your PC:

Things you can do yourself to upgrade your Mac:

For the truly courageous, how to build your own Hackintosh:

How to stay the course and not give up when you’re learning a new skill:

Cool things you can convert your old laptop into:

That’s all! Good luck and may the force be with you.

And now for your requisite funny cat video…

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