Computer How-To Articles: Improving Your Computer’s Performance

How to Improve Your Computer’s Performance

Every so often, we like to take on a mini research project just for you. Today we’ll be giving you a list of how-to articles and videos that will explain how to improve your computer’s performance. Whether you’re a Mac or a PC, there should be something here for you. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please keep checking our blog, as this will be a continuing series.

Improve Your PC’s Speed and Performance
Here are a handy set of guidelines from Microsoft on how to get your PC to run faster. The article includes everything from removing spyware to upgrading to Windows 7. We’ve also written previously on How to add RAM to your PC (otherwise known as improving it’s memory) which is the most common and effective way to boost your PC’s performance.

Remove a Computer Virus From Your PC
Again from Microsoft, here’s advice on how to determine whether your computer has a virus and how to remove it. Worth noting: Microsoft offers a free antivirus called Microsoft Security Essentials, for small businesses with up to 10 Windows users. We also like to recommend Kaspersky antivirus products, which work for both Mac and PC.

Improve Your Mac’s Performance
Here’s the official dish from Apple on How to Remove or Install Memory in Your Macbook. This article from Macworld on the same topic, has more of a focus on determining your computer’s needs and specifications, before you begin the actual installation.

As far as where to buy RAM for your Mac? We like to recommend as a good source from reliable and affordable Apple products.

Macs and Viruses
While Macs are not as prone to infection by viruses and malware as PCs, doomsayers have long predicted that the siege will eventually come. This article from shines a little light on this debate. You can never be too prepared, though. This article from PC Magazine lists the range of antivirus software options for the Mac.

Video Tutorials on How to Improve Your Computer’s Performance
Here’s a handy little video that can introduce you to the basic steps involved in removing a virus from your computer:

If you’re not ready to buy more RAM quite yet, here are some steps you can take to speed up your PC:

Good luck! Hopefully some of these tips will help you improve your computer’s performance.


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