Companies in a Growth Stage

IT Services for Companies in a Growth Stage

Looking for scalable solutions? Here’s what we can do for your high-growth company.

Your team is growing fast. Maybe you’re onboarding some new hires in another state. Maybe you’re moving into new markets or struggling to store more data. Whatever the case, you need IT systems that are flexible and adaptable, allowing you to quickly respond to changing market conditions.

Having worked with many agile, distributed companies in a wide range of industries, we’re familiar with the technical challenges you’re facing. We can help you avoid costly mistakes as you grow your operations for the long run. Here are just some of the services we can offer your high-growth company:

  • IT consulting services, including IT planning, infrastructure builds, and company transitions
  • Building or systemizing the IT processes associated with HR, communications, data management, and data storage
  • Cloud data migrations and cloud computing solutions
  • Remote technical support service and resolution of chronic technical challenges
  • Project-based IT assignments such as the following:
    • Security audits and security protocol implementation / compliance
    • Filesharing, collaboration, and project management solutions
    • Expansion planning and office relocations
    • Installation/setup of VOIP phone systems

We Have Specialized Experience In

  • high tech startups
  • media and production companies
  • PR and creative agencies
  • companies in a major growth phase
  • remote and distributed teams

We also offer web and mobile app development services.
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