Cloud Storage Price War Brings Discounts

As reported today in TechCrunch, Amazon and Google seem to be locked into a cloud storage price war. As is the case with such battles, cloud customers stand to win. Today, Google announced it’s latest cut, bringing Cloud Storage Pricing to a total markdown of 30%.

As the TechCrunch article states:

Today, in a somewhat surprising move, Google announced that it would reduce the price of Cloud Storage by yet another 10%, resulting in a total price reduction of over 30% once you include the earlier cut.

 Here are the pricing tables for both companies, in case you care to do a comparison:

Google Cloud Storage:

Google Cloud Pricing

Amazon S3 Standard Storage:

Amazon Cloud Pricing

With multiple price reductions announced over a mere few weeks, the cost of cloud storage is at an unprecedented low.

While cloud computing is not for everyone, if you are considering a cloud storage solution, or a hybrid solution that combines cloud storage with storage in a local server, this may be a good time to consider embracing the cloud.

If you want to do your own research, here’s the link to Google’s Cloud Storage Platform and here’s the link to Amazon’s Web Services. If you’re not sure which version works best for your company, give us a call and we’d be happy to explain the advantages and disadvantages of a move to the cloud. We also offer an array of cloud services, which we can bundle for you at a significant discount.