Planning a website for your business? Here are 5 important things to consider.

Get started on planning a website for your business Embarking on a new website design project? Congratulations! You’re taking a step toward one of the most important improvements you can do for your business. Whether you’re building your own website or hiring a web design company to do your project, it helps to do a little planning beforehand. Here are…

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How cloud computing can help your staff succeed at working remotely

With COVID-19, a sudden transition The fast conversion to remote work due to the coronavirus pandemic has been a bumpy road for all. Some companies have weathered the transition better than others, often because they had already moved their data to the cloud. Others have been playing massive catch up, as they struggle to migrate legacy systems to the cloud.…

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10 advantages of cloud computing in 2020

The cloud is the message The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened theneed for companies to adopt digital businessmodels—and only cloud platforms can provide theagility, scalability, and innovation required for thistransition. From The Recovery Will be Digital McKinsey and Company The fast pivot to remote work has motivated company leaders to rapidly embrace cloud computing. Cloud platforms and cloud data storage solutions…

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Cloud computing: key to business resilience in tough times

With COVID-19, fast pivots are the norm The coronavirus pandemic forced many businesses into an unanticipated pivot to remote work and telecommuting. Companies of all sizes now face massive pressures to be more adaptable, flexible, and innovative. Meanwhile, pinched by an economy thrown into massive recession, businesses have been forced to seek new markets or rapidly downsize. The rules of…

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business location security

Business location security in the age of COVID-19

Your team has gone remote and your location is either not in operation, or only partly so. However, your office space is still home to valuable equipment and data. While you’re away from the office, don’t neglect oversight of your business location security. Here are some of the areas you should consider when auditing your business location security in the…

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crypto ransomware

Crypto ransomware threats: a growing concern

Crypto ransomware threats: a growing concern This post is just to warn our community about some virulent ransomware attacks that are currently circulating. At this point, none of our clients have been affected, but businesses in many industries (including banks, hospitals, and government institutions) have. The fallout has included loss of money, time, reputation, and public trust. "Locky," "Robin Hood,"…

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How to Encrypt Your Mac With FileVault

What is FileVault? FileVault is a data encryption software that is included in all Apple computers (OS X 10.7 or higher). When FileVault is enabled, all the data on the computer is locked until a password is entered, meaning all data is safe from unauthorized users. Why Use FileVault? Enabling FileVault is a good protective measure to have in place,…

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