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10 Advantages of Cloud Computing in 2020

The Cloud is the Message The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened theneed for companies to adopt digital businessmodels—and only cloud platforms can provide theagility, scalability, and innovation required for thistransition.From The Recovery Will be Digital McKinsey and Company The fast pivot to remote work has motivated company leaders to rapidly embrace cloud computing. Cloud platforms and cloud data storage solutions deliver…

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Website Hosting and Security in the Age of COVID-19

More than ever, your website is one of your company’s most valuable assets. As business moves increasingly online, you should be taking active measures to protect the integrity of your web presence. Here are some questions to ask yourself as you analyze your website hosting and security in the age of COVID-19. Is your website secure, updated, and supported by…

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Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan in the Age of COVID-19

While it may seem like working through a pandemic is your worst-case scenario, you should still take time to cover all the bases. With your location quiet and your team disbursed, you may be more vulnerable than ever to emergency situations. Take time to shore up your IT Disaster Recovery Plan to protect your business from other disasters such as…

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Business Location Security in the Age of COVID-19

Your team has gone remote and your location is either not in operation, or only partly so. However, your office space is still home to valuable equipment and data. While you’re away from the office, don’t neglect oversight of your business location security. Here are some of the areas you should consider when auditing your business location security in the…

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Remote Work Series: Laptop Provisioning, Management, and Safety

In the midst of a hard pivot to a remote work model, it's easy to become lax in the management of company devices--especially laptop provisioning. In fact, whether you're shipping out laptops to a slew of new hires or you're converting to a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model, your IT team is bound to have their hands full. While COVID-19 has made…

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Assess Your IT Systems After Going Remote

In the brave new world of COVID-19, remote work is the new norm. For many companies, the transition to remote work has involved a fast, hard pivot...often a painful one. The abrupt nature of this transition means that you may have not had time to prioritize the safe management of your information. Meanwhile, the word is out that many companies…

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The 4 Mythic Characters of IT

The 4 Mythic Characters of IT Company owners often view IT through the lens of headache cure or damage control. And yes, when you’re dealing with the pain of unstable systems built on outdated equipment, all you want is relief. But when you only look to your IT team for palliative care, you may miss the opportunity to tap some…

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Crypto Ransomware Threats: A Growing Concern

Crypto Ransomware Threats: A Growing Concern We just wanted to warn our community about some virulent ransomware attacks that are currently circulating. At this point, none of our clients have been affected, but businesses in many industries (including banks, hospitals, and government institutions) have. The fallout has included loss of money, time, reputation, and public trust. "Locky," "Robin Hood," "Bart"…

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Protect Yourself From Heartbleed

Protect Yourself From Heartbleed You've probably seen some of the security alerts regarding the Heartbleed Bug. This security vulnerability involves the widely used encryption software known as OpenSSL. OpenSSL is used to encrypt communications on the web, with the purpose of protecting you and your loved ones from hackers and the like. This massive security issue has been estimated to…

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Smart Methods for Password Creation

We all know it can be challenging to come up with secure passwords that will protect your data from online crooks. The crooks are, in fact, becoming more and more savvy with each passing year. For the best protection, you should choose secure passwords that comply with high standards of protection. Here are a few recommended methods that can help…

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