The 4 Mythic Characters of IT

The 4 Mythic Characters of IT

Company owners often view IT through the lens of headache cure or damage control. And yes, when you’re dealing with the pain of unstable systems built on outdated equipment, all you want is relief. But when you only look to your IT team for palliative care, you may miss the opportunity to tap some of their greatest talents. The reality is that a skilled IT provider wears many hats and can achieve many things on your behalf.

As we see it, there are at least four mythic characters that a great IT provider should embody…

The Firefighter

This is the most famous (and common) IT hero. He/she leaps into action and courageously puts out fires. The WiFi goes out on a major product delivery deadline, or your accountant’s computer crashes the day taxes are due? The IT Firefighter strides into the burning building and hoses down the flames. When crisis strikes, this character suits up and gets you back on your feet in no time.

The Loss Prevention Officer

The IT Loss Prevention Officer stands at the door of your company and prevents data loss. This hero puts the necessary systems in place to prevent security breaches from nefarious hackers and virus contagion. At their most capable, the IT Loss Prevention Officer can craft and implement a good disaster plan, to keep your team prepared for any situation. Smart loss prevention planning will prevent unnecessary work for the Firefighter, and keep your team’s stress levels to a minimum.

The Closet Organizer

Has anyone you know hired a professional organizer? Amazing, right? There are people whose mission in life is to help you overcome your mess. When it comes to your business operations and the efficiency of your team, your IT provider should help you clean house and cut the fat. Methods may involve automating tasks that drain your team’s time and energy, or identifying work that can be better achieved by tapping innovative IT tools and services.

The Body-Building Coach

Your IT Body-Building Coach is all about helping you reacher greater heights with your business. This hero connects your ambitious business goals with the technical approaches needed to achieve them. If your goal is to capture market territory across Nevada and Arizona, your IT Body-Building Coach can help you choose the right CRM system and vet your call center, while putting the systems in place to automate your email responses and back up your data to the cloud. This hero can teach you methods and best-practices that will help you get from Point A to Point B with more speed and less pain. If you can formulate your goals, your IT Body-Building Coach can help get you there.

Not every IT provider is a hero, and very few embody all these mythic characters. Some are more Firefighter than Body-Building Coach. However, at the least you should expect your techies to be hitting a few of these areas, so your team can keep looking ahead…instead of popping Advil to deal with IT headaches.